The Pros of Hiring Lunch Catering Services for Your Baby Shower

12 April 2018
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Planning your baby shower is equal parts exciting and stressful. From ensuring that the invitation cards go out on time to scheduling activities that will keep you and your guests busy, you can find yourself overwhelmed by all the details that have to go into the party. Thus, it is advisable to delegate the cooking to a third party rather than doing it yourself, especially if you are heavily pregnant. Some expectant mothers may think they will be cutting costs by cooking for their guests, but the reality is that you will be exposing yourself to undue pressure, which is unhealthy for the unborn baby. The following are a few of the pros of hiring lunch catering services for your baby shower.

Lunch catering services will provide the appropriate equipment

Cooking for a group of people is vastly different from cooking for your own family. Chances are you will not be equipped with the right tools and dishes to accommodate a large crowd. By hiring a catering service, you can be guaranteed that they will come with ample equipment to ensure your lunch spread is well presented. From chafing dishes to serving tongs, your party will have everything that is necessary for the proper serving of the delicious food you will have had prepared for the party.

Lunch catering services will fulfil all dietary requirements

Another top reason why it will be in your best interests to invest in lunch catering services is to make sure any nutritional requirements that your guests have are met. For starters, being expectant means that there are certain foods that you have to avoid. Some types of fish are restricted from your diet due to high levels of mercury. On the other hand, the use of raw eggs in some dishes could expose you to the risk of salmonella. If you are not professionally trained on dietary restrictions, you could accidentally expose yourself to harmful food during the baby shower. Professional catering services are a safe bet as they known how to manoeuvre around these restrictions. Additionally, if any of your guests have special requirements such as vegan, gluten-free or even dairy-free food, the catering service can put this into consideration too!

Lunch catering services will leave you free to mingle

Choosing to cook for your party can quickly make you lose sight of the entire point of the baby shower, which is to celebrate you and your new baby. It is not uncommon to find mothers who plan and organise their baby showers becoming wrapped up in ensuring everything goes off without a hitch that they inadvertently end up not enjoying the celebration! Having a lunch catering service responsible for your guests gives you room to mingle and enjoy your baby shower.