Top Tips for Ordering a Custom Wedding Cake

29 October 2019
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A wedding is an event that lives long in the memories of the bride and the groom and everyone else invited to the occasion. Therefore, most brides-to-be don't mind going the extra mile to make sure their wedding day becomes the talk of the town for all the right reasons. That is why you will come across couples spending as much as $600 on a custom-made wedding cake. If you are getting married soon and want value for money in as far as the wedding cake is concerned, here are a few steps you can take to bring that to fruition.   

Cake Logistics: In as much as logistics arrangements in weddings focus on people, you must include the cake delivery in the overall logistics plans. This is especially the case with custom-made cakes. However, if a baker offers delivery services, then you are better off letting them handle all aspects of delivery. The reason is that bakers are professionals, and they understand what it takes to deliver even the most delicate of cake designs. For instance, if you order for a seven-tier cake, your baker knows precisely how to dismantle the many different pieces, transport them to the venue, and then stack them together again. If you fail to plan for cake delivery, you increase the chances of ruining it as a result of mishandling.

Go Unique with Textural Finishes: When you think about a wedding cake, the first thing that comes to mind is a delicious-looking cake with smooth, clean fondant. However, did you know that this style of customising wedding cakes is past its prime? More couples are shifting away from the all-too-common smooth finishes and opting for textural designs. Try cakes with sharp edges that look as if they have been handled roughly, or those that are decorated with palette knife techniques. The chaotic details achieved with these techniques draw attention to the cake, which, in most weddings, is the focal point.   

Focus Less on Style, More on Evoking Feeling: It is true that the more stylish a wedding is, the more people will talk about the event. From the gowns to the décor, it is every bride's wish for their wedding to stand out. However, professional bakers advise that couples should focus more on evoking a feeling with their custom cake rather than getting one with the best style. You will enjoy a wedding cake that aligns with your feelings. Moreover, guests will be curious to know what inspired the cake, which makes for a great conversation at your wedding.